Saturday, December 21, 2013


Last week we took all six boys to get hair cuts.

They weren’t looking that bad compared to other times when their hair had taken on life forms of their own. River had the cutest curls (we were actually calling him, Frodo) and had the fuzziest look about him that Chris and I were just loving...

But it got to the point where the poor kid had to tilt his head up in order to see through his hair and find out what was going on. Sad! So we decided to let him get a big boy hair cut.

He was so good in the barber’s chair with not even a peep while his locks were being cut. Afterward, he really didn’t know the difference (since he’s only one), but he loved how everyone kept hugging and kissing him and telling him how handsome he looked. Not a bad deal after all!

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STL inker said...

love the hair but love the smile more!
handsome boy.