Thursday, January 2, 2014

45 pictures of Christmas.

Since Christmas, my house has been pretty much filled with legos, barbies, chocolate, Mp4 players and........basically everywhere.

We had a pretty awesome Christmas morning with the kiddos.

We really don’t go crazy on Christmas presents and spending an arm and a leg. We do try to stick to a certain dollar amount per kid and it was pretty easy for me this year to keep that budget. To be honest-- it was the first year for that. Which is just a blessing.

We don’t have a lot of Christmas decorations (besides the tree and ornaments, outdoor lights, and some little knickknacks), so one of my favorite additions to our collection was to get a few kiddos new personalized stockings. Really cute!

On Christmas day, my Mom came over in the early part of the afternoon and the kids had a blast doing Christmas for the second time that day. I think Lincoln would’ve won the prize for “most excited” when he opened a Lego he just ‘had’ to have. He was really funny.

Later, Hubby’s Mom was supposed to come over, but had to cancel because she got really sick earlier in the day. We hope she gets better soon!

Fortunately her present to the little kids was delivered here and Chris spent part of today assembling their new airplane for the future Air Force pilots of America.

When River awoke from his nap and saw it, he took off running for it. Since our Littles spend a lot of time in our back yard, we wanted to generate some new excitement with some outdoor toys-- you should see the cool swing we got too! The kids are nuts over it.


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Mrs.Rabe said...

So great! What a wonderful Christmas! Chris's moms' gift is awesome!

Happy New Year!