Saturday, February 8, 2014


Good things are here.

All twelve of us and a group from our church family spent four hours cleaning and painting our church building. And I don’t feel that bad about it since hubby has Monday off because Honest Abe. Hallelujah! We are gearing up to host the annual marriage retreat and we want everything to look top notch. We love-love this time because we get to see old friends and family from the church Chris and I were sent out of. Not to mention, I love decorating for this event since it falls on the Valentine's week each year. Every year I try and do something a little different and my Hubby is my Ride or Die Man. He’s along for the ride or he’s gonna die trying. Boy, do I love my man. This year my favorite Pastor, besides my Pastor and my Hubby, was going to be the speaker, but may have to send his Assistant Pastor due to an injury. Please pray for him (Pastor Warner) to heal whether he is able to come or not. He is a mighty man of God. Absolutely amazing.

On other note, why haven't I blogged? Ugh. I have so many really super things that happen here daily. With ten children, life sure ain't boring around here. Tomorrow, my oldest five are finally putting on their Valentine's puppet show. We've been practicing for weeks and the props are not going to make it much further if they hang around my house any longer. They’ve taken quite a beating. I'm probably more excited than they are. Ha! We already started rehearsing our Spring time puppet show too. And I already got all the prop materials. Did I mention that we bought two more puppets as well? I'm addicted. I'm also addicted to Anthropologie online shopping. Constantly cruising the sale page for the latest treasure to buy. I'll probably find out that we are expecting baby 11 after I spend money purchasing a new wardrobe. By the way, my oldest is now 5'11. Seriously-- I think he grew just this evening while at Worship practice. Good thing he likes his pants long. Gives him room to grow. In case you’re wondering, he’s 13 going on 14 in April. And last but not least our little Talullah is finally crawling. A late bloomer in that department compared to her nine other siblings. We don't mind. It gives me more time until she starts to destroy my bookcases and everything she finds on her level. I already have two other little boys to do that.

Tomorrow is Sunday and it’s always a full day for us. So I need to get the tribe’s clothes out and ready for church. Get the children’s church supplies out. Figure out what we’re having for lunch and with whom. And find a picture for tomorrow’s Sunday Child. I'm sure I forgot ten other things to add to that list. Oh well...


Tesha Papik said...

Love this update! I miss you blogging the boy do I get it, it's the first time I've sat down all day. I'm cooking for about 20 tomorrow because were going on a hiking trip with people some people from church:) I can't wait for the marriage retreat and to see all your fabulous updates! Will be praying for Pastor Warner.

Vivian said...

good to hear from you and to know everyone is okay!
great new about the #11