Saturday, March 22, 2014


One of the things we’ve been busy doing as well is basketball.

The three oldest boys have been playing on three different teams. Kinda hectic, but one of our friends coached Parker's team which made shuffling kids to and from practice quite a bit easier.

And sometimes on the way back from basketball, they would all swoop by to grab Sophia from dance. God has sure blessed us with good friends through our church.

Parker and Ethan made it to the playoffs and Parker’s team won second place in the championships. Ethan won third.

This was Charlie's first year playing and he became a valuable player for his team. Ethan improved like night and day. And Parker honed his skills developing into a rebounding machine.

Just last month we signed up Ethan and Charlie for the upcoming football season. Unfortunately Parker will be in 9th grade next year so there aren't anymore teams he can play on because he is homeschooled. Ugh. Kind of hit a brick wall.

But we know God will provide and there’s always pick-up games at the park with the men of the church.

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