Thursday, April 24, 2014

Resurrection Day.

Should I start with Birthday pictures or Easter Day?
I guess Easter will be first--

Before church, the older kids went to their puppet practice because they were performing in a black light puppet show... which turned out terrific.

Church turned out to be amazing and since the time we began pioneering it, we were excited to have our highest attendance ever: 89. We had 6 visitors, one salvation, and one back slider recommit.

The black light puppet team really rocked their performance, the little kids shined with a couple songs and Hubby got excited while he was preaching-- Jesus!

Early that morning, Chris and I were setting up and cooking for our Resurrection Day celebration at our house.

At first, it was just going to be my family since it was on the memorial day of my Dad’s passing, but since I know he’s in heaven and no longer in pain, I didn’t want to be somber that day, but rejoice.

Rejoice for so many things.

So I decided to open my home and invite everyone from friends, new church members and family. And anyone in between.

After we had food and dessert, we also had two pinatas, an egg hunt and just a real good time. We all had a perfect day.

And we were blessed to have my three nephews and niece stay the night. The boys held a backyard air-soft game until almost midnight. My poor neighbors. But the cousins don’t always have a chance to get together.

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Kathy said...

So exciting to hear about all that God's doing in your church!!!