Tuesday, April 29, 2014

River: Vessel of God

River is such a ham. He turned two on April 7th. --(warning picture overload).

Chris describes him as a Muppet, an ewok, or a hobbit. I think he looks like Frodo Baggins. And he loves Elmo with all his heart. 

This little guy is friendly, fuzzy and super gentle. Unless he’s in a fist fight with Jasper. 

He steals binkys from Tallulah and can be seen throughout the day with one in his mouth and one in his hand. He doesn’t care what color, what kind or shape the binky is-- he’ll take it. 

If he happens to find someone’s cute pink sunglasses laying around, he’ll take those too and sport them all day outside acting like they’re his when the owner wants them back. 

He loves to cuddle and thinks Ethan is his best friend. 

I love to spy on him sitting in the backyard by himself on top of the picnic table watching the tons of sparrows that live in our roses fight, sing and fly in and out. 

For his birthday we wanted him to feel extra special-- because even when he’s mad we still think he’s cute. And I can tell he really likes being part of our family.

We actually had two birthdays for him-- one with just our family and another with Grammy and Glen. 

River: Vessel of God 

John 7:38
He who believes in Me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.


Tesha Papik said...

Oh you know this one touched my heart:) We love you River you are certainly a vessel of God!!!!

Kathy said...

Love the photos of River! Looks like a fun celebration :)