Tuesday, July 15, 2014

losing cupcake.

I forgot to mention that while we were at Bible Conference, we got a call from our neighbor on the last day. It was an early call and quickly made me concerned about our home. Anxious thoughts of why and what he could be calling about streaked through my head... Mostly since his call was early in the morning.

After Chris got off the phone with him, he informed me that our cat which I absolutely love, named Cupcake, had been hit by a car. Since he {our neighbor} is an early morning riser, he happened to hear a car drive really fast down our street and then a cat cry out. When he looked out his window, Cupcake was on someone’s lawn across the street. He went out and picked her up and called us immediately. He wanted to know if there was a particular vet he should take her to. But shortly after that, Cupcake passed away.

Though the whole loss was very sad, we were all happy that our neighbor had taken the time to care for her before she died. And not only that, but he went even further and offered to keep her in his ice chest until we got home so the kids could bury her properly. We have a great family next door!

When we arrived home the next day and after we unpacked the van, Chris, the kids and I gathered together to watch Daddy bury Cupcake. We wanted her to be buried in our garden and the kids read Psalm 23 and some of us cried.

Honestly, we have had pets before and I can say that Cupcake was one of the best. She just had a terrific little personality and she was unusually affectionate. My Mom actually gave her to Sophia as a birthday present a few years ago. She and our other cat, Finney Dolphin, were BFF’s so Chris and I felt a little sad for Finney too-- thinking she must miss her playmate.

Today, Chris and the kids decided to remodel Cupcake and Finney’s cat house and make Finney a double decker condo. It has a nice little enclosed house and a removable second floor with a spot for Finney to sun bathe. We miss Cupcake and really appreciate Finney Dolphin.

Some of the kids are begging for a dog as a replacement and Parker even listed a puppy as one of his bucket list items for this Summer. I wish too (sometimes)! Then again-- maybe not.


STL inker said...

ah...sorry for you loss!

FarmerGirl said...

I'm sorry about Cupcake.
You are blessed to have such a good neighbor.