Saturday, November 15, 2014

my home.

It’s been a long time since I have written our family memories on this blog. And it seems that the longer I don’t record some of our moments, the harder it seems to find a place to start... 

Until tonight when Chris and our two oldest boys sat down together and practiced a special song for church tomorrow. I was filled with that joy that only my family brings me and how I love to record these special times. 

It’s late and most of the littles are in bed, but I just want to remember this night. 

How we had family worship and bedtime prayers with the littles and middles while the big boys were away at worship practice with Glen. As we went around, I listened to each prayer that included our new baby and even how, my now four year old, Jasper prayed for things important to him.  Like Chris and my Pastor, Pastor Rob. Their prayers touched my heart. 

And after we sent everyone to bed with a kiss and freshly brushed teeth, Parker and Ethan came home and sat with their Dad to sing and play together. That’s when I was reminded how I need to record these days. 

I am so blessed and also starting to feel the excitement of bringing home another little one in a few months. This has been such a great pregnancy so far. I know taking care of my home and raising my children isn’t always easy. I’ve had some really hard days, but I also some really wonderful ones too. 


KathyB. said...

I love reading blog posts like this one. It is with true heart-felt sentiments I say you're family is a blessing, and you're blessed.

Simple family times such as this are the foundation and building blocks of a family that endures and lives for what is most pleasing, and these types of family interaction are what your children will remember and miss when they are grown up.

Susan B said...

I miss you sweet friend! I think you are pretty amazing!! I just love seeing your precious children!
Good to hear from you!

Jo said...

I love your refreshing and down to earth posts. They bring such joy. Thank you for sharing.

Tesha Papik said...

You Know I miss your posts! But I know how busy life can get:) Love this little glimpse, nights like those are so special and worth recording!