Wednesday, December 10, 2014

another ultrasound.

Sophia and I went on Monday to my baby appointment. My awesome Doctor scheduled a second ultrasound for me this coming Monday (Dec 15th) to confirm the gender. I think I will eat a Snickers and drink some Strawberry lemonade to guarantee some activity in there-- the last time we went, the baby stayed still with his/her legs closed tight. I’ve been having such a hard time with boy’s names. We had one that we really liked in the very beginning of my pregnancy along with a girl’s name, but as time has gone I’m just not feeling like the boy’s name I have is THE name. So instead of racking my brain, running through a million names throughout my pregnancy, I just want to wait till Monday’s appointment. And if it is confirmed that I’m having a boy, I’m really going to start praying for God to reveal to either Chris or me this little baby’s name.

I’m also dying to buy a new car seat... but I decided to wait till February in case Graco comes out with some new colors. Since this baby will be born around Valentine’s Day, I’m going for reds and blacks. I love red! Love the month of February. And right now, it’s looking like my Doctor is going to induce me a little early-- so I’m thinking February 20th will be the baby’s birth day. I think. I’m hoping? I told him that he’d better not go on vacation or he’ll be taking me and hubby with him. Ha!

On a side note: The kids were getting so crazy about taking out our collection nutcrackers. They just could not wait. One afternoon, when the babies were napping, the middles, led by Sophia, choreographed a "show" with them. It was terrific.


STL inker said...

praying you have a successful ultrasound!

Nikki said...

I go for an ultrasound on Tuesday but I do not want to find out our little ones gender. I love the surprise at the end.