Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas tree.

Yesterday, after school, we all piled into the van to buy our Christmas tree and one for the church. It was pretty fun and easy since we didn’t have to look at tons of trees to find the perfect one. Sophia and I just picked out the tallest and plumpest trees that were still wrapped and told Chris they were the ones. We have done this many times (just picking one without unwrapping it to see what it looks like) and always seem to get fantastic trees.

This year was a little different. Ha! One tree was so fat, round and perfect, but probably too big for our little living room. And the other was so skinny that it seemed a little on the ‘less than desirable’ side. I kept thinking of the tree from the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. But since our home is small, Chris and I decided to go with the tree that was too skinny, but still tall. And instead of doing the mini lights that I grew up with on our tree, we decided to do something different and put the big bulbs on the tree that Chris grew up putting on his tree.

Today, we also decorated part of the tree at church before heading to another one of Parker’s high school basketball games. I can’t wait to get my ‘high school team’ baseball hat for Christmas to show my team support.

Afterward, we dropped Parker off at a shoot-a-thon (where the players shoot 100 free throws to raise money) while Chris and I went to buy more Christmas lights for our tree and some outdoor lights for our church. We even bought some snow frosting spray to give the tree that ‘light dusting’ look. I can’t wait for the day I get to have a’professionally’ done, flocked tree. I’m obsessed with the thought of having one someday for our family Christmas tree. One day!

To end the day, we headed back to the church to finish putting ornaments on the church tree and I made my eggnog cake that the kids love so much for our church Christmas party tomorrow night. The kids are participating for the first time in the church yankee gift exchange so they are really excited for this year’s party. I can’t wait to see what they end up with. Hope they aren’t too disappointed if they end up with cooking utensils or something.

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