Thursday, December 4, 2014

feliz navidad.

Lately, after our evening services have ended, Chris, me and the kids along with some of the disciples have been hanging out kinda late. Some of our kids play instruments, while others have started to take lessons.

Last Sunday Chris, Ethan and Glen started free style rapping. We were having a great time and laughing so much. Then all the littles got on the microphone and tried to make up their own raps. They had a good time. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen Chris get that crazy as when he started making up raps about different people that were hanging out with us, including the kiddos. It was a hoot!

And last night after hanging out and letting the kids do their ‘jamming’ and ‘lessons’ we decided to drive around our neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. This year, my kids really seem to be digging Christmas lights and to them, the more lights, the better.

It was so awesome driving around in our 15 passenger van with our ten kids singing Feliz Navidad to the radio and applauding after driving by each decorated house. I felt my heart full. This is what makes family memories.

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