Monday, December 15, 2014

the weekend and today.

I had a really smart idea Saturday night. Instead of driving myself nuts trying to have my Children’s church class all make their costumes for this Sunday’s program during class, I had the Littles (who are in my class) make their Christmas tree costumes at home on Saturday night. We had such fun! And so did Chris-- in fact, he even mentioned showing the church the surprise costumes on Sunday morning during the announcements. Over my dead body!
We had our last practice on Sunday morning and you bet I did--- I gave my class their chocolate donuts as promised.
We started a new Sunday school series that I’m really excited about: Robert Morris’ “Dream to Destiny”. The first one was so good! Can’t wait to watch the next one, “The Pit Test”.
I must confess... I’m addicted to Swiss cheese. I mean, I have always liked Swiss cheese, but with this pregnancy, it is a daily requirement. Seriously-- on Triscuits.
My boys are getting some serious band practice in. We started a Spanish service on Sunday afternoon following our service and my boys now play for worship. They are really getting a kick out of how worship songs go in Spanish. And did I mention that they play on Sunday morning and on Sunday evening as well? Only in a pioneer church can an eleven year old and a fourteen year old do so much.
My girls really wanted American Dolls and were even saving birthday money to buy themselves one. Until we discovered that Madame Alexander had the same dolls, but way better and prettier (in our opinion!). Well-- Tallulah is constantly taking her sisters dolls so I decided to buy her one for Christmas. It arrived about a month ago and somehow, Tallulah discovered hers hiding in the stack of Christmas presents in my room. Now, whenever Tallulah disappears in our house, I know where to find her-- standing in my room holding the box containing her Madame Alexander doll. That little stinker.
Good news--River finally said on  Sunday morning that he likes Buster.
I can’t wait for this week’s date night. Chinese or fried shrimp. Love salt and love fried food right now.
Parker has a football banquet at the end of this week. I cannot wait. Nobody warned me that I would end up loving this whole high school football team thing. I promise, I am convinced that I should be the team’s ‘team mom’. Do they even have such a thing in high school varsity football? Did I mention that Parker was already told he’d be moving up to varsity next year for his sophomore year?
By the way Chris told Sophia that she had beaten the boys at something-- that she was the first of all the kids to get a real job. Sophia actually gets paid in studio credits as a teacher’s assistant with the younger kids. She’s such a good dancer that she’s the only ‘non-team’ girl allowed to do it. 
And the most exciting news---it’s a boy. And there is no denying it.


STL inker said...

great news...a boy!! oh yeah the rest is good news too

Tami Lewis said...

A boy!! Fantastic! So happy for you.