Monday, January 19, 2015

burritos el guero.

I’m busy getting ready to have a baby. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time that means ‘nesting’ and all the other things that crazy pregnant ladies do. On Saturday, I kicked all the kids outside [that would mean “no electronics” for the day] while Chris and I cleaned the backyard, because in my mind-- of course, the backyard has to be cleaned for me to have a baby.  Ha! During the second half of Christmas vacation, I went just a tad bit nuts moving every piece of furniture around and getting rid of many large trash bags of ‘stuff’. I still haven’t attacked the kitchen yet. It’s on my “Getting ready for baby ‘to do’” list. 
We are full-swing into basketball season now. With our three oldest boys having games and practices, we have been extremely fortunate that each game is on a different night and all the practices work perfectly with our family and church schedule and girls’ dance schedule. Parker’s school is literally 12 blocks from our house so taxi-ing him back and forth is no problem and the schedules of the other four (the two in dance and two in B-ball) are very manageable. We’re not losing our minds shuttling kids all over town.  
Chris and I are still making “date night” a weekly must have. I sure do look forward to spending time with him even if we still somehow end up at Home Depot or a baby store shopping for a new car seat. With the arrival of baby #11, I  am really excited and have been shopping for hospital pj’s for me and a new coming home outfit for our new little guy. We finally decided on his name, but are keeping it a secret. Chris keeps dropping hints at church though. Ugh. 
We are more than half way through school and the weather sure has been great. This morning, we have once again started eating outside on the picnic table. My favorite. I am hoping to plant a big batch of onions in our vegetable garden so we can have an endless supply of fried onion rings this spring and summer. Chris, get out the deep fryer! Maybe I will take a little trip to the nursery to buy them today. 
And Parker has started a new business selling burritos soaked in Tapatio sauce at his high school. The kid is making money! I’m really proud of him for taking the initiative to start a little business. The kids at school are begging him for burritos now when he shows up and he’s selling anywhere from 10 to 15 burritos a day. Wow! And he’s smart cause he’s tithing on it. Now Ethan, Charlie and Sophia’s minds are all spinning trying to think of what they can sell to start their own businesses too. Ha! Yesterday at our fellowship meal, the Pastor of our Spanish church sat with Parker and helped him brainstorm about expanding his business and came up with a name-- ‘Burritos el Guero’. 

Life is good!!


Jo said...

Lovely update :-)
I see big things in Parker's future!!
Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy - I can't wait to find out the name of the new cupcake xx

Tami Lewis said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear the name! And way to go Parker!!