Saturday, January 24, 2015

christmas from papou.

After our Christmas Eve candlelight service, the kids were very anxious to get home and open our presents from Papou. As soon as they hit that front door, they ran to change into their pajamas. 
Since Papou lives in New England, he sends us money and I buy the kiddos all their presents and wrap them labeled ‘from Papou’. 
They tried calling him that night, but it was very late on the East Coast (past his Christmas Eve bedtime) so we all left him a loud and fun message, thanking him for our Christmas gifts. 
I think Tallulah had the best time unwrapping her present, tearing off the paper a teeny, tiny piece at a time. Ha! 
I realized after I downloaded my pictures that so many of them were fuzzy. Ugh! My flash was off. So I wasn’t able to post all my sweeties.

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