Tuesday, February 17, 2015

a few things.

Parker and Charlie ended up getting the stomach bug (flu). Thankfully it was so mild-- it lasted only 24 hours on Monday and they just slept it off. They decided to fast all day and only drink water which helped them never throw anything up. Good bye, stomach bug!
Today, the kids and I ‘spring cleaned’ the house because everyone knows that you have to spring clean before bringing a baby home. Ha! My kids are the best. And they are increasingly excited to meet this new little baby.
At my baby appointment this afternoon, since my doctor was on vacation, I saw the really nice midwife who told me that the baby is still high and floating around, but that I’m 1 cm dilated. I still need to have the ultrasound this Friday to make sure he stays head down.
I had been having mild, but uncomfortable contractions through the day and honestly started becoming concerned to the point of feeling nauseous since I really am not ready to have a baby yet. I just kept praying throughout the day that God would not let me go into labor just yet. And thankfully He answered my prayers.
But, after the appointment, I did make sure that I went over to the hospital across the street to pre-register-- just in case. My bag is almost packed. Thank you Parker for getting my suitcase out of the attic.
Chris and I got out of my baby appointment really early with an hour still left before having to pick-up Pearl and Ethan from dance and basketball. Acting somewhat spontaneously (unusual for us), we decided to stop for some Sushi at a restaurant on the water for an early dinner... With the new baby’s impending arrival, you never know when it will be our last date for some time. The sun set over the marina as we ate and the restaurant began to fill with the dinner crowd-- It really was a perfect little moment. 
And the most exciting news is that Chris bought me a new lazy boy chair. I love it!  It is NICE and PLUSH, but firm. This is such a blessing mostly since I can’t  lay down for a long period of time. For the past several weeks, the way I sleep is semi-sitting up with the ceiling fan on high and waking up every couple hours. So I got blessed! Can’t wait to try it out for the first time tonight. 


Nikki said...

I recently got a recliner too. I have never owned one before or even wanted one but this winter has been so cold that I thought it would be a nice place to sit by the woodstove and yes I have slept in mine as well. Must be something about baby #11 ! We found ours for a really good price on Craigslist!

STL inker said...

you have a wonderful hubby...take care! can't wait to see the new little one.

Tesha Papik said...

Ohhhhh Can't wait to meet baby boy!!!! That chair looks so comfy!