Saturday, February 21, 2015

drummer boy.

Charlie officially started his drum lessons yesterday morning with a young man from our church named Joshua. Who’s Joshua? He’s a super nice young man from Freetown, Sierra Leone, whose Dad is one of the Pastors in our church fellowship. Joshua is here for college and we have been blessed to have him in our church family for the time being. 
When Chris grew up, he only played sports-- nothing musical. He didn’t learn to play the guitar until he was 29. But now that our kids  are growing up in the church, being involved in music is just a part of our  daily lives. Parker plays the drums, guitar and raps. Ethan plays the bass, is working on the drums, and is a future singer and rapper. Sophia is doing some back-up singing.
I’m not saying that anyone’s going to be a professional musician, but Chris’ mindset is that everyone’s going to learn an instrument or two and at least, attempt to sing, whether they like it or not. Up to this point, everyone likes it. 
So with Joshua’s help, who is a fantastic drummer, Charlie will soon be playing drums on Sunday night at church. I’m so proud of him and excited to see how God will use him. It’s really great being part of a church family where people are willing to invest in others.

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Tesha Papik said...

Jadon just started Piano and he loves it! Can't wait to see Charlie play for the first time!