Saturday, March 28, 2015

chris is 45 today.

I am really excited for Easter. We have almost finished the ‘props’ for our church puppet show. I am definitely my biggest critic. In my head, it has to be ‘perfect’. I’ve had Chris help me with a few (or more) props that needed that extra touch. The ones that needed a utility knife and some manly love. 
Today is Chris’ 45th birthday. However, on Friday, after he left home from his lunch break to head back to work, the kids went crazy decorating the inside of the house and writing Happy Birthday on the outside of our front room window with window chalk. 
As he came up the walkway after work, we turned on the song “Happy” really, really loud and hid in the front room. There were kids  hiding everywhere-- under the couch, under the coffee table, behind the door and even under the couch cushions. They came out like a SWAT team and shouted “Surprise!” when he walked in. 
It was so much fun that when he went out to move his car, we did a repeat. He had to move his car because he had parked down the street in order to sneak up on us. Ha! We are a little nuts like that. My kids will find any reason to be wild and scream. They went crazy. Two times. 
As a birthday date on Thursday, Chris and I went out to a Greek restaurant recommended by Parker’s track coach. It was Jace’s first time inside a public place. We sat in a far corner away from other people’s germs. ‘Cause I am that kinda Mommy when it comes to my newborns. 
The place was so delicious that I just know I’ll be craving it for our weekly dates. Jace was pretty good most of the dinner given the fact that he’s the type of baby who has to be constantly rocked, held or in motion. If he’s still for longer than a minute--he wakes up. 
Last night, our friend Joshua took Ethan to his ‘end of the season’ basketball party. They went bowling and had a really good time. I’m super blessed to have people in our lives who we can trust and count on when Chris and I just can’t do it all. I’d call that “family”! 
There’s still so much to share mostly since there are 13 of us, but I will stop now because I need to get these props done and make some deviled eggs for the church potluck tomorrow. But, Jace and I won’t be there on Sunday. Not yet. His first day in church will be on Easter Sunday.


STL inker said...

Jace is a little chunky monkey!! ha ha
i call my deviled eggs, angel eggs ha ha
Happy Birthday Chris.
have a blessed weekend!

Tesha Papik said...

Oh my goodness Jace is so cute!!!! Happy Birthday Chris! Whis we could of all been together.