Saturday, March 7, 2015

day after.

I know this is out of order, because I haven’t yet talked about Jace’s birth story, but here’s a little bit about the three of us going home. 
You were born on Thursday around four in the afternoon. For the first hour, you were in Mommy’s arms doing the kangaroo thing. After that, they transferred us to a room down the hall.
You were in a hospital bassinet with wheels with Mommy pushing you. Daddy was behind us carrying and pulling all of our luggage and stuff. Daddy says that when we came out of the labor and delivery room next to the nurse’s station, all the nurses stopped what they were doing and stared at us. 
I think it was because they had never seen a baby as cute as you before. Daddy says that they just couldn’t believe that a mommy of 11 could just get up and walk out like that. 
One of the nurse’s who followed us into the maternity ward said that I was amazing. (I’d say, “extremely fortunate.”) I felt so proud to be your Mommy.
As nice as it is being in the hospital room just the three of us, we really wanted to get you home to see all your brothers and sisters. 
You may not have to do anything in the hospital, but they sure do poke and prod you a lot. It’s difficult enough to get a good night’s sleep with a new baby, but it’s even harder when someone’s waking you up every two hours. We wanted to go home. 
I guess that’s about all we can handle-- Mommy just wants to be in her own bed and Daddy just gets antsy. 
You passed all your baby tests, Mommy filled out all your paperwork, and the baby doctor said you were perfect, so we actually thought that we’d be getting out a little bit after lunch. However, the nurse came back and said that they liked you so much that you would have to stay at least one full day. 
Grammy had gotten everyone ready, so they were all waiting for us when we arrived. Not even celebrities receive as much attention upon arrival. 
Everyone crowded close around you and everyone wanted to touch you and hold you. 20 hands and ten faces all telling you, “Welcome home.”


Kathy said...

Great pictures! You look beautiful Wendy and Jace is super cute in his football outfit :) I agree with the're amazing!

Thoughts for the day said...

Beautiful pictures, and wow a beautiful mom, you look awesome for just giving birth. I cannot imagine having eleven children but I do know you will do fine and all will be well. Thank you for sharing your little baby with us.

Tami Lewis said...

Beautiful family!

Vivian said...

oh my you have a beautiful family. Wendy you are so pretty and fresh looking...i love love love your pictures and reading about your family.
God bless you all