Friday, March 13, 2015

it's friday.

I’m so happy today is Friday. And I’m so happy it’s March. 

I just bought the girls their Easter dresses. Now I just need to make sure they have pretty shoes to match! Pearl is really sweet-- she still likes to wear big frilly dresses. I love that! 

Jace had a check up this morning at the pediatrician’s office. He’s doing so good! I think that as far as nursing and the first weeks home go, he is, by far, my easiest baby (next to Charlie). I’m so thankful for that. Mostly since I know what it’s like to have a colicky baby (Ethan). 
Last night, we bought all our supplies at Hobby Lobby to start making signs and props for the Easter puppet show. I’m so excited to unleash some creativity-- I think I’ll start this afternoon. The hard part is finding a place to keep it all at our home while I make them and while we practice. Sometimes we’re a little short on space... Yesterday afternoon, our new addition for the show arrived. It was pretty funny since the kids were so excited He got here. 
And Parker had his first track meet last Saturday. Wow-- he left here at 6 am on the team bus and didn’t get home till after 6:30 pm. He then went directly to his basketball awards ceremony. The kid is busy. He also was invited to the Basketball Academy for his team. Not to mention football weight lifting and agility training started up again. He loves it! The best part is that through all this, he has maintained an “A” average for his classes. Praise God! We like that he goes to bed dog-tired and one content young man. 

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