Tuesday, March 10, 2015

you know you are a biblical family....

when everything goes back to the bible.
A couple weeks before Jace was born Ethan and I were sitting next to each other in church during an evening service. As we read the Scripture along with the preacher (that would be Chris), it mentioned ‘circumcision’. 
At that point, Ethan leaned over and asked me what that was. I whispered that I would tell him at home. 
When we got home, of course, I let Chris explain it. Some things are better for Daddy to explain. Ha! 
Well... when Jace came home, Chris called the boys over saying, “Hey guys, I want to show you something. We’re going to have a Bible lesson-- .” 
Jace hadn’t been circumcised at the hospital and was scheduled to go the Monday after at the pediatrician’s office so Chris thought it was a perfect opportunity to explain it to the boys. 
For a few of them, it was way more than enough. 

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STL inker said...

another reason families need a mommy & daddy ha ha