Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015.

Over the next several days, for the purpose of capturing family memories, I will be posting quite a few pics about our Easter weekend and our developing traditions. 
This year, I used my Mommy smarts-- based on the fact that I have four kids under the age of four who take naps each day, I realized that coming home from church, getting lunch ready, hiding eggs, having the egg hunt and eating a bunch of candy all before nap time (around one to one thirty) would not only be impossible, but would invite anxiety and stress into our  happy day. 
So I shifted the schedule. 
How about the egg hunt before church? No way. Too early. Won’t work. Taking pictures instead. How about doing it on Saturday? Brilliant! That’s it-- as long as I’m not worried about the kids not wearing their fancy outfits... 
It took five kids thirty-five minutes of sitting on the living room floor stuffing candy to fill them all. 
Since I was feeding Jace, Hubby had to hide all the eggs. All 300 of them. That’s when Chris offered Parker a deal: You help me hide the eggs and you can have 20 pieces of candy. He countered back with 25, which was quickly shot down. Can I eat while I hide? Sure. It’s a deal. 
So while the candy-hunters huddled on the picnic table wearing their baskets and chanting candy cheers with their eyes closed, Parker and Chris began to hide the goodies. There were so many eggs and the natives were getting restless, so Daddy and Parker began dumping eggs everywhere. Piles behind bushes and toys, bowling them across the grass. This is kind of what it looked like...
Voila. An Easter egg extravaganza. 

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Tami Lewis said...

Watch that Parker! Lol lol