Saturday, April 4, 2015

getting ready for sunday.

When we’re all assembled as a family in our Sunday best, hands scrubbed and faces shiny, in our (two) rows at church on Sunday morning, one might be tempted to think that we’re programmed to automatically arrive that way. 
That maybe, since we’ve been doing this for a while (getting a big family ready for church), that it’s no big deal-- it just happens. But quite the opposite is true: Sometimes it takes us all week just to prepare for Sunday Morning. 
And obviously, Resurrection Day is the biggest Sunday of the year-- outfits have been meticulously put together (including one for me, which is priceless especially after having a baby and nothing fits quite the way you’d like), the puppet show has been choreographed and rehearsed countless times, the Little Shepherds’ costumes are ready and waiting, the Sunday lunch menu is filled, haircuts have been gotten, the Pastor’s  dry cleaning was picked up, the house has been cleaned (for guests), Easter gifts and goodies have been purchased, and multiple invites, follow-ups and outreaches for service have been made. Worship practice is taking place as I write and our Easter egg hunt is scheduled for this afternoon. Hopefully, hubby will fulfill his responsibility tomorrow and ‘tear it up’ from the pulpit with a great Resurrection Day sermon. Sophia’s deviled eggs are soaking and all my children’s church supplies are already out. 
But no matter what happens, even if none of these things were to take place, it wouldn’t matter, because Jesus died for me (and you). He did it. It’s done. And for that, I am so thankful. 


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have a blessed Easter to you and your family

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