Thursday, April 16, 2015

here come the birthdays.

As to why I haven’t blogged but once this week-- from March 28th (Chris) to May 3rd (Pearl), we have six birthdays and that requires some creative planning and lots of celebrating.

Along with the two already mentioned, we have River (4/7), Lincoln (4/17), Parker (4/28) and Ethan (4/29). Not to mention mine on May 20th.

We want it to be special and our kids definetly don't hold back getting involved in the planning and decorating. Our party for Daddy included homemade cards from nearly everyone, an original poem from Ethan and a rap from Parker and a dance routine-- the girls were amazing choregraphing their own birthday dance. I was laughing with tears; it was so cute! Even Charlie and Lincoln came up with a skit to the birthday honoree. 
It really brought out everyone's best to bless the one we love. And everyone really had a great time doing it. 


STL inker said...

Thanks for much fun they had.

Tesha Papik said...

Love the Kings crown and the girls on shoulders:)!