Saturday, April 18, 2015

lincoln turned 7.

Lincoln had his big 7th birthday celebration yesterday. 
He decided that he wanted a Hobbit birthday that resembled Bilbo Baggins’ party. So the party planning crew got to work on Thursday in between school work, recreating the shire in our tiny dining room. 
We couldn’t stop thinking of things to add including a red dinosaur that represented Smaug. Ha! Ethan got to work making his very own Middle Earth map. It was unbelievably fantastic. 
Lincoln requested his Daddy’s homemade hamburgers with all the fixin’s and brownies with chocolate ice cream (eww!) for dessert. 
Of course the birthday boy also wanted Legos and video games for his birthday presents. Like we needed anymore of either. His favorite present was the Battle of Five Armies Lego set. 
When we took Lincoln shopping for his birthday presents, it was only under one condition: Charlie had to come with since he would help him pick out his presents. He does this for every holiday. Charlie is his best friend, by the way. 
We ended his birthday celebration with a couple of spectacular back yard fire works just like good old Bilbo Baggins’ birthday. 


Mrs.Rabe said...

How fun!

One year we had a Hobbit Party on Bilbo and Frodo Baggins shared birthday - September 22nd. My daughter made a sign in the same font as the one from the movie - "No Admittance Except On Party Busniness." Your party looks like great fun! Family makes it special!


Chelsea said...

I love this! Just recently it occurred to us that our kids would love The Hobbit. I'm totally adding it to the list for movie night.