Wednesday, May 20, 2015

before i forget.

Today I turned forty-one.
Today my computer started working.
My kids will grow up having the best childhood at the expense of my sanity.
My favorite song right now is Jesus Freak by DC Talk.
It may seem like I could be clinically diagnosed as having germ-phobia, but believe me when I say it’s not that I have a fear of germs, but a healthy fear of having eleven sick kids. 
Tallulah has been caught twice trying to potty train herself after she has a dirty diaper and before we knew she had a dirty diaper. Let’s just say this-- it wasn’t pretty. 
There is no such thing as the perfect church. Have you heard the saying: If you find the perfect church, please don’t join it, because you’ll only ruin it.
I’m ready for some Spring football.
I wonder if anyone would think it’s weird that I enjoy pregnancy tea and Mother’s Milk tea more than just regular teas.
Pearl’s rash is too difficult to explain, but let’s just say it’s not contagious and is already fading. Phew!
Listening to River’s little Elmo voice melts my heart. 
I saw a sign at Hobby Lobby that read: Children only have one childhood. So true! I want my children’s to be memorable in the best possible way.

don't worry- his car seat was loosen for the stroller at the pool
Please listen carefully: If your children ever catch lice-- Use Listerine! Trust me when I say it will kill those buggers for good. 
Am I able to make Parker an appointment now to get his driver’s license in a year? I think I’m counting down the days till he takes his test more than he is.
I have good kids. They’re on the right track.
Trying to decide-- Pony or Swim lessons.
I want this t-shirt.
I am in love with these shoes. Gotta get me a pair in red.
So used to driving the boys to football practice that when I was on my way to the post office, I went to the football field.
When we were packing for our trip, Jasper grabbed everything out of his pajama drawer and said he was done.

I worry about people that enjoy making others feel bad... and actually think they’re doing a good thing.
Now Charlie’s picked up Ethan’s hair flipping habit. But his hair actually moves.
My favorite blog post this week.

A high priority in teaching my kids right now is: To not walk into a room and just start talking immediately. To be polite and wait their turn. 
Having favorites or sibling rivalry is not an option in my house. It doesn’t and will never exist. Over my dead body. It kills families.
I have to stop drinking sugar bombs. A.K.A: Wendy’s strawberry lemonades. Immediatly. 
I never want to be this woman. I would rather it said,  “Beware of my Mama.” Maybe you don’t know, I’m a very protective one.

My best advice to you if you’re in ministry: Partner with your children. Too many people sacrifice their children for ministry. 
I always find the best shoes at Ross. And most importantly, a particular Ross. 
I love being my age. I would never want to be in my twenties again. I’ve learned so much since I gave my life to Jesus when I was twenty five. 
If you could marry your husband all over again, knowing ahead of time both the good and the bad, would you do it? I would.
If I could have Parker all over again, unmarried and unsaved, would I do it? Yes, it was the worst situation, but I thank him for turning me to Jesus. 


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday, Wendy!!! You are an amazing & beautiful mother, wife & pastor's wife! I pray you are blessed, encouraged, & refreshed in this next year :)

STL inker said...

happy birthday Wendy I love your post before I forget the little tidbits you share with us really give us a look into your family life have a blessed birthday

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday ! Glad it was happy!!!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday!!! :-)