Friday, July 24, 2015

Pearl turned 8 on May 3rd

What can I say about Pearl that can truly explain just how fabulous she is? 
Pearl is one very sweet girl with a contagiously sweet personality. 
You can almost always find her doing something creative and fun-- making a rubber band bracelet for somebody, writing one of her letters to a friend in the girls’ club she started, or giving out her own personal merit badges to her little sister. 
She loves to find a place to draw a picture or paint a scene including her and someone special. 
She has the cutest little space between her front two teeth and the prettiest long hair which  she hopes to grow as long as she can. She amazes me the way she can braid her hair and do crazy splits standing against the wall. She’s like a human pretzel she’s so flexible. 
I think she’s the best hip hop dancer in her whole studio and amazed me the first time I saw her break dance. I would’ve never guessed. 
She loves horses with all her heart and cuts out pictures of cute animals and hangs them all over the wall next to her bed. 
Pearl is beautiful and reminds me of the Proverbs 31 woman even though she is only eight years old. 
She is truly amazing and I’m so blessed to call her mine. 


Lori said...

I have to say I have followed your blog for many years now and seriously want to say I would love to live near you and enjoy your fun family of beautiful children! Your doing such a wonderful and blessed job, proud of you as a mom! i live in No. In near the University of Notre Dame, but if I was closer it would be a blast to be your neighbor, your family is so precious!! Love,Lori Kolecki

STL inker said...

happy birthday Pearl...God bless you sweet girl!