Saturday, August 1, 2015

what happened last saturday.

A week ago today, we were having a great morning quickly becoming afternoon. 

Chris had been working out back with all the Littles running around playing while the Biggies were gone to a music festival for the weekend. Charlie was our only Big who stayed back since he didn’t really care or not if he went to the music festival. 

Everything was just fine and dandy. 

Chris had finished making two wooden boxes to be used for football agility drills and we were having fun watching the Littles and Charlie go through their “football camp”. 

They had set up the boxes, a picnic table bench and a high chair and were going through them like an obstacle course. I went inside to check on the baby and Chris was watching the kids from inside at the kitchen table drinking an iced tea. 

Charlie was proclaiming himself king from atop one of the boxes when suddenly the day took a most unpleasant turn. Jasper would rather himself be king and decided that Charlie had to be dethroned and pushed over the wooden box. 

When Charlie toppled over he put his right hand out to break his fall. 

Chris watched this unfold and hoped Charlie would emerge with just some bruises. Charlie’s shriek indicated otherwise. Holding his wrist, he headed toward the house as Chris ran out to him. 

Chris said later that he could see Charlie’s arm was bent unnaturally and knew immediately it was broken. It was so bad that he made a split second decision-- if Charlie sees it, he’s going to go hysterical-- so he grabbed Charlie’s arm at the elbow with one hand and put his other hand on his wrist where the break was and pulled. I won’t tell you what Chris felt beneath his grip. 

The arm was at least somewhat straight. 

They came to the back door and Chris said, “We gotta go now.” He NEVER says that. Usually he’ll say something like, “Let’s just give it a minute and we’ll make a decision.” 

Not this time. 

I went into emergency mode and had ibuprofen and a bag of ice within seconds and we began praying for God to help Charlie who was obviously in a lot of pain. I also knew from my own wrist-breaking experience exactly two months earlier that it would be somewhat better if he could hold it up on a flat surface like a book. 

Chris quickly changed and was out the door delicately escorting Charlie to the car with his arm resting on a book and a pillow from our couch. 

As the car pulled away, I started texting everyone I knew to pray for Charlie... 

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Piece-of-Cake Parent said...

Poor guy! Something with wrists! My little guy was in urgent care last week getting a wrist x-ray! Hope he heals fast!