Sunday, October 11, 2015

fall ball.

Football. Feeding the team by organizing and serving the team pre-game meal on Friday afternoons. 
Cheering them on and raising money doing the 50/50 raffle at the games Friday nights. 
Three pop-warner games on Saturdays: 
gremlins, peewees and midgets. 
It’s been really hot lately. 
We had to borrow all the fans from church and bring them to the house. 
My children’s church class has grown and I’m excited. 
We did some songs with the puppets and the kids went nuts (in a good way!). 
Jace is almost eight months and can be seen standing by himself. 
So far, this has been my best year homeschooling. 
Chris tells me that I say the same thing every year. 
Blogging is always at the back of my mind-- 
I have so many memories needing to be captured...

Ethan is in blue on the right #11
Parker is in red #29

Parker on the left in red

Parker in red #29

Feeding our boys

Hanging out with my oldest girls

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