Wednesday, November 25, 2015

busy day.

I’m exhausted... again. 

My Christmas cards are done. Addressed and stamped in neat stacks on the table by the door. 

I started shopping online yesterday around 1pm. I called it a day around 6:30pm. 

We left the house this morning at 9:30am headed for Target. The plan was to check out the toys so that the kids could get ideas about what they might want for Christmas. 

We hit Costco for a couple of pies and the Christian book store for a couple of movies and went to Toys R Us to do the same. We got back around 2:30pm. 

I spent the rest of the day compiling kid’s lists and comparing prices online until about 8:30pm. I’m pretty much done. Done all the Christmas shopping and done physically. 

I’m beat. 

My inner ear infection finally cleared up and now I have a good old fashioned cold. 

Chris and some of the kids went to church for our Thanksgiving testimony service.

It’s now 10:15pm and the kids are sitting around the kitchen table chit-chatting and sipping hot cocoa. 

I can't wait till bedtime. Theres and mine. Ha!

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Schaefer Clan said...

Large family tips for making room for new gifts/toys? Do u purge before Christmas? We have 6 and I'm feeling cramped and I know how much more is coming our way!

Thanks in advance!