Wednesday, November 18, 2015

my trip to the doctor yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, Chris had to drive me to the doctor because my brain felt like it was spinning for three whole days. The spinning wouldn’t stop unless I lay on my left side or sometimes right. 

It all started shortly after getting a headache a couple hours after taking our Christmas picture on Saturday. I was in Walmart when my eyes started feeling funny and I thought I just might pass out. 

Parker and Sophia were with me and when I began to go wobbly, I leaned over to Parker at the check out and said, “If I go down you better make sure my skirt is pulled down.” Ha! 

Honestly, over the past 72 hours, so many things went through my mind which may have precipitated my condition: Taking the Christmas picture nearly killed me, Walmart’s fluorescent lights caused my eyes to go wacky, I have a brain tumor, my brain became detached somewhere and was now spinning freely inside my head... I just kept praying and so did all my kiddos. It was so touching to see how they knew to lay their hands on me and pray. And trust. 

When Chris finally talked me into leaving the house to see the doctor, I wasn’t sure if I could make it since the spinning was CONSTANT and I didn’t think I could move. But I’m so glad I did because my doctor reassured me after a few tests and looking into my ears, that I have a viral infection in my inner ears and not some exotic disease. 

I was so happy I wasn’t going to die and leave my eleven kiddos. For real. 

Let me tell you that the spinning has been bad, very bad. But I am happy to know that in a few days the virus will have run its course and I will be back to enjoying all our holiday traditions and back in the action of my large family. 

The kids have been super great doing their school without me and helping each other with whatever arises. I’m so thankful that Chris comes home for his lunch and prep period to be with us and that he gets out of work so early in the day. 

I’m so blessed with a good man and loving kids. 

And even though I can barely think straight and it’s hard to type this blog post, I just want to say that I’m thankful for good health, a good God and my family.


Ann said...

I am praying for you. I have read your blog for a long time and love it. I am a wife of almost 50 years, a mom of 3, grandmom of 14. Blessed beyond measure. Dear Momma, rest and take care of yourself! You will be better soon!

STL inker said...

praying for God to heal you quickly and telling God he is so good to provide you with a wonderful hubby and children.

Tesha Papik said...

Oh man that is a bummer ...I had vertigo when I had a deep sinus infection and it was MISERABLE! I have to say trials like this do make you so thankful for your health! Praying for a quick recovery!