Monday, November 16, 2015

Tallulah Sunshine turned 2 on July 8th.

Tallulah turned two on July 8th. 

We call her Lula and Lulee. 

To say that she’s a little firecracker is an understatement. We’ve had some feisty kids, but she’s one who’s brimming with attitude. 

She’s also very sweet and very smart. 

We found that she’s extremely nice with Jace and she loves River a LOT. He’s like her best play time friend. Whereas Sophia is her BEST friend and second Mommy. Sometimes when Soph is away at dance class, Lulee will say, “I want my Soph!” 

On many nights, she’ll leave her bed at some late hour and slip in with Sophia. 

She loves to play outside with her brothers riding bikes or having battles. 

Those little packages of cheese and crackers where you spread your own cheese are her favorite. 

Somewhere along the way, she put on her sister’s watch and is now convinced that it’s hers. 

She does love giving kisses and has been known to absolutely freak out over anything even remotely resembling a bug. For instance, a clump of  dark thread on the carpet could cause her to go into hysterics. She was also petrified of the children’s church puppets-- anytime we’d take them out to rehearse, she’d scream and run away. 

She has beautiful hair and she’s silly, sweet, scrumptious and slightly spoiled. We are so blessed to have her! Thank you, Lord. 

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Andrea L. said...

Love these birthday posts! Thanks for sharing. I feel like I know your family even though I've just been following along on your adventures for the past 6-ish years (how is that possible?)
Just wondering if you ever feel inspired if you could do a post on how you conquer clutter with such a big family. You do Christmases and Birthdays big which is awesome (kids need to be celebrated) but how do you keep toys,books,clothes,games (x11) from taking over? Do you make your kids give things up on a regular basis?
Thanks :)