Wednesday, February 17, 2016

sophia danced in a parade.

A few weeks before Christmas, Sophia was delighted to participate in our local Christmas parade along with her dance class. Initially, we had told her 'no', but the owner of her dance studio invited her personally to be in it and Sophia was ecstatic to say 'yes'. 

She looked so pretty and did a beautiful job gracefully dancing and smiling the length of the parade route each step of the way. Her studio did a Nutcracker theme and when I saw her coming down the street, I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. I was so proud of her. 

She loves dancing and dreams of being a dance teacher when she grows up. And at the rate she is going with helping out and advancing at her dance studio, I am almost sure she has a career in dance. 

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Tesha Papik said...

She is so lovely in every way...I know God has wonderful plans for her!