Sunday, February 26, 2017


Happy 2nd birthday Jace.
I couldn't imagine life without Jace.
I love him for the way he has to snuggle super close against me to sleep.
I love how he hugs his siblings when they wake up.
I love how he runs to get his shoes when someone is leaving the house.
I love how he wakes up super early when he hears Chris to spend extra time with Daddy.
I love how he always perches himself on the kitchen counter to watch whoever is cooking.
I love his special affection for Charlie who's his partner.
I love that he needs his Mama always.
I love when he signs (ASL) and wants me to test what he knows.
I love how he always wants me to read his two favorite books.
I love his sweetness and contagious love.
God knew I needed Jace after a miscarriage and before the loss of my little Sunday.


pieceofcakelife said...

Glad to see you back!
I was in your neighborhood last week and was thinking of you!

Daphne P said...

What a blessing to have this little guy! God knows what we need indeed!!!