Saturday, August 4, 2018


This kid is taking a scuba class on the Navy base for the first time. Because that's Parker. 

Letting my kids grow up causes growing pains on my heart. But then-- when you step back and look at who your kids have grown up and become, you think, "Wow. They're so awesome," and it makes you cry. Because you know you did a good job even through the trials. I thank God because it was His grace that brought us to the place we are now. 

Even the hard times-- all worth it in the end. 

This is my first born. Parker. 

Now he has a job that he goes to at 4:45 in the morning and has had not once complained. When his shift is over, he comes home for lunch and then, off to football. After football, he comes home, eats and goes to bed. 

So when he's not working or in football, he's at the ocean being refreshed. 

He is hungry for the world. Wanting to experience all the adventures it holds. Which is why he's taking a scuba class today after work-- he likes trying things a little bit off the beaten path and he's still considering trying to become a navy seal after college. 

By the way-- I was against him getting a job just cause I wanted him to be free from that kind of responsibility (he has his whole life to work...)but he liked the idea of getting a paycheck to buy those extra things for his truck (which he's nicknamed 'Ophelia') that belonged to my Dad! Ha!

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