Sunday, August 25, 2019

coming to a close.

Summer vacation is coming to a close. I’m trying to ignore the fact that Chris is going back to his other job (besides being a full-time dad this summer) in a couple days: high school math teacher (sobbing). Fortunately, he gets home early most days and comes home during his lunch break.

Even though the sun didn't shine as much as we would've liked and not all our bucket list items got checked off this summer, we had some great family road trips and spent a lot of time just stepping back from the grind-- I guess you could just say that we relaxed... So we're gonna miss you, Summer vacation, and will think of you fondly. We'll also be greatly looking forward to seeing you again. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Today was the last day of Summer tennis. 

Six of our kids attended: Sophia, Charlie, Pearl, Lincoln, Ruby and Jasper. 

There were a couple of my kids who complained and gave me ugly faces on their first day. They all ended up loving it!

The coach said it was the best summer camp he's ever had. I wonder if it had anything to do with the six competitive characters jumping out of my car for practice. 

They loved the coach, said he was hilarious! He even gave the three boys their own rackets at the end. 

Sophia, the most vocal about being 'forced' to try it out, ended up joining the coach's high school team. Her choice. She loves tennis now! This will be in addition to her dance. 

Some times it's good to broaden your horizons.

Saturday, August 4, 2018


This kid is taking a scuba class on the Navy base for the first time. Because that's Parker. 

Letting my kids grow up causes growing pains on my heart. But then-- when you step back and look at who your kids have grown up and become, you think, "Wow. They're so awesome," and it makes you cry. Because you know you did a good job even through the trials. I thank God because it was His grace that brought us to the place we are now. 

Even the hard times-- all worth it in the end. 

This is my first born. Parker. 

Now he has a job that he goes to at 4:45 in the morning and has had not once complained. When his shift is over, he comes home for lunch and then, off to football. After football, he comes home, eats and goes to bed. 

So when he's not working or in football, he's at the ocean being refreshed. 

He is hungry for the world. Wanting to experience all the adventures it holds. Which is why he's taking a scuba class today after work-- he likes trying things a little bit off the beaten path and he's still considering trying to become a navy seal after college. 

By the way-- I was against him getting a job just cause I wanted him to be free from that kind of responsibility (he has his whole life to work...)but he liked the idea of getting a paycheck to buy those extra things for his truck (which he's nicknamed 'Ophelia') that belonged to my Dad! Ha!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

To my kids-

Stay wild, stay free.
Make it last forever.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

summer 2018.

It’s taken me a long time to come around to liking the beach. 

Just never liked the baby eating sand, baby crawling all over mommy with sand covered hands, sand in the diaper. 

But now that our youngest is three, I have fallen in LOVE. My happy place. My place where the kids don’t fight. My place where all is right in the world. 

Strange because I grew up in the Palisades and never really went to the beach that often. I’ve now lived here for 15 years and even though my kids have always LOVED the beach, I have just now really discovered just how wonderful the beach is to me. 

And with 11 kids, maybe one of them will become a pro surfer. Who knows....

    Sunday, July 29, 2018

    pearl & basketball.

    Her first tournament. Her 4th game.
    Only been playing 3 weeks....she's still learning!

    Thursday, March 1, 2018

    his first passport.

    Last night was bittersweet. 

    I spent a little part of the evening helping Parker fill out about seven different forms. 

    As we finished, I put my hand on his and kind of jokingly said I just helped you fill out forms to become an adult.


    I knew this time was coming. The next chapter. But it's not easy.

    I know some parents are eager for their kids to move out. Not me. I really like this kid.

    We spent this morning at the passport office getting him a passport for a big trip he's taking to England and Scotland with a small group from the church that Chris and I were sent out of. 

    It was really hard for me to say yes. Ugh. Such a Mom. 

    Our Pastor and his wife are going, along with Chris' mom and Parker's two cousins who are seniors as well.

    I'll need a lot of prayer while Parker's on his trip. I had all my 'what ifs' which I spilled all over Chris when we were deciding to let Parker go.

    Having a Mom's heart sometimes hurts and makes decisions complicated. Especially considering the world we live in today.

    But God is always God and decisions become easier when I'm reminded that Parker is in His hands and in His care.

    Monday, February 26, 2018

    four new fuzzy chicks.

    At the beginning of the month, I warned Chris that I was getting tempted to buy some baby chicks. 

    Then just recently while we were at the market, he quickly mentioned that maybe we needed to get a few more chickens to produce more eggs. If you know Chris at all, then you know that he doesn’t just blurt out random things. And since he already knew I was really wanting to add to our flock, I immediately took it as a promise that we get some new chicks.

    And just so you know, when I hear “some”, I think 9. But when he says “some”, he means 2, so we compromised and got 4.

    And since Jace LOVES baby chicks as much as I do, I decided to tell him that they were for his birthday. Of course, he was so excited to go with us to the feed store and help pick some out.

    While at the feed store, we learned that they’ll be getting another shipment of chicks on March 7, and since I never tire of baby fuzzy chicks, I may just have to get two more. [By the way, the next ones I want lay Chocolate colored eggs.] 

    Sunday, February 25, 2018


    Our littlest is turning three tomorrow. My heart's not ready.

    Friday, January 12, 2018


    Hope doesn't take the pain away. 

    Hope can't control the grief. 

    But hope tells me that my brother will pick up the broken pieces and put them back together for their children. 

    Hope tells me that Jimmy will honor Tesha in all he does. 

    Hope tells me that we will all see her again. 

    Please pray for my brother and their six children. 

    I wish I could take their pain away and the fact that I can't is gut wrenching to me. Paralyzing at times. 

    But I know that Jesus will carry them. Jesus will comfort them. And we have Tesha to thank for that. 

    Because of her, my brother, her children, me and my children have Jesus. She was the one who took him to church and they later took me to church! 

    To know Tesha was to know the most caring person in the whole world. She loved people and people loved her. She had the heart of Jesus. 

    My heart is broken and will never be the same. 

    But I'm blessed to know the sweetest most caring person I've ever met and to call her my best friend and my sister.