Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do You Have One of These?

Pearl n. 1. a precious jewel 2. a girl's name 3. the 5th cupcake in my batch 4. a small girl living in my house who can get into a handful of trouble in a moment's time.
A.K.A. Pearly, Pearl the Girl, Kitty, No-Pearl-No, Pearl-zilla, Pearlee Whirless
Characteristics: Teddy Bear, Dancing Queen, Nothing is too far for her reach, VERY happy, BUSY
Age: 1 year, 6 months
What Pearl is ALWAYS doing:

Rearranging, opening and spilling food in the kitchen
Stealing her baby brother's binkys--Her's are Pink, his are blue.
She KNOWS this.

Sneaking a quiet moment in Mommy's wallet and bag.
Grabbing and running away with whatever her big sis happens to be working on.
This time it was glitter, with peanut butter and jelly still on her face.
Oh yeah, and a sticker too.

Notoriously getting out of her high chair while eating.
Only when Daddy is not home.

Been known to consume and dump out on kitchen floor cat food on many occasions hence came the nickname Kitty.

And my parents tell me, she's just like I was.


Kathy said...

She's absolutely precious! My granddaughter Isabelle is 15 months old so I understand!! But aren't they wonderful?!

Stormy said...

Hi Wendy!

I haven't got any myself, but I've got a nephew on the way (any day now), and I can't WAIT to see what kind of shennanigans he's going to get into!

Great post! ;-)

PS~ you should definitely learn to knit! I haven't reached the "addictive" stage yet ... then again my first project was in 2005 ... I needed a 3 year break apparently. Haha!

Take care,

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

LOL, omg, that is so adorable, im cracking up! :)

It makes me wish for my daughter to be that age again!! mine is a tween and Im so missing the young years!! ;)

Thanks for making me smile, how cute!!

~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

Carolyn said...

I used to have a houseful(seven}of busy little cuties but they grew up so quickly.Your busy little one is also a cutie.
Thanks for visiting me and taking the time to leave nice comments.
Take care,

abby said...

aren't pearls the best??? she is adorable! and so is your blog!

Kelly said...

Yup! Got me one of them too! But his name is Gabe....maybe it's a one syllable name thing?

Jennifer said...

She is adorable! Sounds like she gets into as much trouble as my little one.

Tamara Jansen said...

Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, he he he! Just wait till she grows up to be a'll wish she was back to her pacifier days :)

Ronda said...

OOOHHHH how cute is she!!! I love all of her nic-names. I remember the days like those when my daughter was little and into everything....I miss those days.

Love & Prayers,

Priscila said...

ih my gosh@! cuteness

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

She is just adorable...I raised 4 boys...My grandmothers name was Pearl....loved it!

Rue said...

I had one of those too, but now she's a teen. It was easier then LOL

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Carla said...

karma-what a blast!!!!
She is a doll, a busy little doll:)


Truly precious photos!

Thank you so much for lifting me up during some very dark hours!


Alex said...

Pearls is absolutely adorable!!! ANd she looks great in purple, too! :) Thanks for sharing.

Grapefruit said...

She's adorable! My kids always love the wallet too...and the toilet paper, and the printer, and anything else we didn't buy in a toy store! Go figure...

Very cute post!

Heather said...

I have two of those! Kyle and Bella!! LOL!! They are ALWAYS getting into something..and quicker than I can clean up the last mess!
She is absolutely adorable! What a precious treasure! Love how she uses the little ones pacifier. Bella never cared for the binky....but now that Cali uses one we have to watch where we leave them because she puts them in her mouth!! Orneriness....pure orneriness!

Andrea said...

oh I loved this post!!
I love how our darlings can be so mischevious yet so....darling! =) I love how you see the blessings in what could be frustrating. what a wonderful uplifting blog you have!!!!!