Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Glass Bottle

There is something that happens to us when we become a 'Mommy'. Sometimes we refer to it as 'Mama Bear'. We become protective, get super-powers and wonderful instincts. Sometimes we hear about things that could harm our children and some things that are just a scare. Sometimes I get overwhelmed sifting through all of the 'information' in regards to what I need to be concerned about and what I can throw out. While my hubby typically remains calm through the various crises, I immediately react, going into panic mode and going to every available source to "get to the bottom of it." The problem is: I really don't have the time to devote to the hysterical level of research I want to do. A LOT of it I give to GOD. Well, one issue that I take seriously is this new BPA plastic stuff. It's about certain plastics + my little ones = Harmful. My solution: Out with the plastic bottles and in with the glass ones. ( Yes, I know that some new plastic bottles are BPA safe, don' get me wrong). But, we went to glass anyway. A little heavier, very safe and I feel kinda vintage-y too. Guess what? I like them! To my knowledge, there are no bad chemicals in glass. And my Mom used them and her Mom used them. Kinda neat! Kinda cool! And it's safe. (Note: I'm a nursing Mommy for as long as possible, but not when I'm pregnant with the next Cupcake!)


Carla said...

you know, these were used for AGES and they worked great!

I love that you 'give it over to God', knowing He will lead to the right info, the right choice!

Kim's Treasures said...

I love glass bottles, I used some when my kids were babies.

Raggedy Girl said...

My uncle worked for the glass company that made baby food jars for Gerbers back when baby food was in jars. Per Gerbers instructions when a jar broke on the line, 100 jars in front and 100 jars behind were pulled and tossed and the whole line was washed down. Needless to say I only fed my babies Gerbers Babyfood. I think glass is nice and so are cloth diapers but I come from the olden days.
Smiles for you from Roberta Anne

Rue said...

Hi Wendy :)

I had a few plastic bottles, but most of them were glass. I think trends get in the way and sometimes what our mothers and their mothers and so on did is actually much better than we thought :)


Terry Grahl said...

Keeping your father in my heart and prayers.

Many Blessings,

Terry Grahl said...

Keeping your father in my heart and prayers.

Many Blessings,

A Romantic Porch said...

I love glass bottles. I think they are darling...and yes, vintagey! xorachel

Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

I love glass bottles too, they also done have those designs that peel off like the plastic.

Kathy said...

I loved glass bottles with my babies and with my grandbabies! They're safe and easy to take care of. And they do have a vintage flare!

The Rose Room said...

Love glass bottles, I used them with the Princess! Rachaelxo