Monday, February 16, 2009


Top 10 Reasons Why I had a WONDERFUL Weekend
1) All 6 Cupcakes went to Grandparent's homes for 3 nights. Whoah Baby!
2) Hubby and I went out to eat all weekend long ALONE starting Thursday night.
4) We ate at my FAVORITE restaurant, the Wood Ranch, one night.
3) Hosted a Marriage Retreat at our Church. It was GOOD!
4) Found out if baby is a boy or girl. Shh! I can't tell you-- we haven't called Hubby's Dad yet.
5) Received an original poem from Hubby's heart along with my Valentine's card .
6) Flowers, card and money from Honey.
7) Went maternity clothes shopping and got LOTS of CUTE stuff.
8) Ate Sushi with Hubby LATE at night.
9) Watched the movie, "Fireproof" (sniffle,sniffle).
10) Picked up the kiddos who were SO EXCITED to see us!
***Bonus: Got mentioned in a newspaper article featuring Cindy from Romantic Home.

I hope to do it all over again soon!


Raggedy Girl said...

What a sweet post. I am glad you had alone time.

Happy Presidents Day To You
from Roberta Anne

Marilyn said...

What a nice post!! ALways so great to break the routine & "get away"!!
Take Care!

BECKY said...

Oh how very wonderful for you!! I am delighted that you had such a special time alone with hubby!!

We have always made sure through the years and the babies to carve out time like that for just us!!
Guess it paid off!! We're coming up on our 30th anniversary!!

So cool that you got a shout out, too!!

So how's the air up there where you're floating around??!!

Hope you week is as fun and joyfilled!!

Kim's Treasures said...

How wonderful!!! You were right this was a wonderful weekend for you! Anxiously awaiting the boy or girl post!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Wendy,
Sounds like you had a wonderfully delightful weekend; good for you!
A nice break for all. Have a nice day.


Donna @ Party Wishes said...

All 6 kids for 3 days! Very cool!

I hope you didn't really eat sushi-your pregnant!

Can't wait to see the pink bedroom.

JudyBug said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! Sounds like so much fun.

Carla said...

Wonderful!!! Yea for grandparents!!! This is what we hope we can do for our kiddos on holidays like this:)

Simplicity Cottage said...

Oh gosh, Wendy is your laundry really ever ALL done? LOL

Sounds like you had a super weekend! Glad you had some "alone" time with hubby. It's always nice when the kiddos go visit grandma and grandpa...but it's even better when they come back home!

Looking forward to reading the post on "boy or girl".


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

What a WONDERFUL valentines day you have had! Such a sweet post...

xo Heather

have I ever told you how cute your blog name is... just love it!

Shanda said...

Sounds like you sure enjoyed yourself this past weekend. I love your blog background. It looks similiar to my napkins we used for Valentines Day.

I enjoyed visiting with you and I love the picture of the rabbits in the barbie car. that would make a cute Easter Banner for your blog.

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Sounds wonderful and well-deserving! The time with hubby w/o kids is rare and gives everyone time to miss one another! Money from honey is great, too!

The Rose Room said...

What a lovely and well deserved weekend you had! Rachaelxo