Monday, February 9, 2009

Rain, Rain--

Rain some more....
I'll be hunting in the thrift store!
I have lived in Southern California my whole life; My husband grew up in New England. I used to think I was made of sugar and would melt if I went outside when it rained. My hubby is not even mildly fazed by our SoCal weather.
But since I've been married to him, I have become liberated from our 'storms' and no longer fret about going out in the rain. I'm so thankful because on Friday, I had an itch to visit a couple of my most favorite thrift stores. I had been thinking and WANTING to see what was waiting there for me all week, but each day I had a reason why it was not a good idea. For example, on Monday, I reasoned, they would be all cleaned out from the weekend. Tuesday, I was busy cleaning all morning in my pajamas. And Wednesday is always so busy because of their 'Wednesday special sale'. But ah ha! On Friday, the store would be filling up on goodies for the weekend busy-ness. I figured the rain would keep the competition at home and I would be free to treasure hunt, taking my own sweet time, in nearly empty stores. Well, looky-looky what my rainy Friday brought me!

I look for this type of glassware EVERY TIME I go to the thrift store. I now have a small collection that I hope grows VERY BIG.

What are these kind of flowers called? If I see ANY, I grab them. I love these finds!

My husband said he hoped I had a place for all my new pretties...
And I told him I sure didn't.
Maybe I am collecting things for the china cabinet I will have one day. Right?
Until then, I'm sure I can find room for some homeless, abandoned, desperately needing love items and my house is the perfect place for them. You wouldn't believe how much they cost.
Next to nothing.


Jennifer said...

Pretty! I really love those baby planters. I think I want a collection of those on the window seal in my kids playroom. How pretty would that be? I need to get to the thrift store now!

Kelly said...

I know someone with a whole china cabinet full of that rose glassware. If I hear she's parting with it, I'll let you know.


Lot's of good treasures! I saw your last post about the family who lost their precious baby, I had seen that on another blog and cried so hard this morning reading about them, what a nightmare that family is living!! My heart aches for them!!

Shabby Kim said...

Love your pretty new thrift store finds. I'm starting to collect the sweet little baby planters myself. So far, I have 3 of them in my collection. The ones you found are just too cute!!


Love your new treasures!! I also have the same divided dish, in pink!! My Mom gave it to me. I also have 2 single pink bowls in the same pattern..gotta love pink. The Easter chick is sweet...Easter is my favorite holiday and I can't wait to start my Easter decorating.
I'm heading to the thrift store tomorrow. I try and go on Tue & Thurs... funny how we have our "days" to find treasures.

ann said...

Did you make some awesome finds or what?That little chicky on the egg is sooo precious.She's a doll.I adore her.Can I come over and bring my BIG purse?huh,huh,can I?...Ann

Make Mine A Maltese! said...

I think you did the perfect thing on a rainy day, uncover new treasues for your home...on a budget and reuse as well!


Leslie :))

Secondhandrose said...

I am a foster parent for cute baby planters that can't find homes outside of thrift stores. So if you don't have room for them, I sure do! LOL


Joy said...

I've always thought that kind of glassware was very sweet. Love your collection so far!

Raggedy Girl said...

I love your little pretties and that glass dish is really special. Good rainy day shopping.
Roberta Anne

BECKY said...

Oh!! I'm so happy for you!! I talk myself out of stuff all the time, too!! I'm so glad you found some treasures!! And they are adorable!!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing!!

Kim said...

Your finds are very nice! looks like you made out really well!!

Carla said...

That looks so darling displayed as is!
Don't they just look Easter-ish? I think you have Easter on the brain! I'm glad you 'braved' the weather, and enjoyed the hunt, your finds are darling:)

My your china cabinet dreams come true:)

Deanna said...

Oh Wendy...let me know when you go shopping again and I'll hop on the next Amtrak train!! You scored bigtime!

My favorites are the precious Choo-choo and the little lamb ot is it a poodle ..LOL pulling the cart. They are ohhh so adorable!

Deanna :D

BTW, I'm a watcher of the word verication words and the one here is SWAGLOOT....too cute.