Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who Needs School of the Arts?

This one is HoMeGRoWn!
Picked right out of the Patch.


Kim said...

That was so sweet! As soon as the sound came on my kids gravitated to the computer to watch! LOL...she's too cute!

Raggedy Girl said...

My great grand daughter, Miss Maddy Cakes climbed up on my lap---She dancing! She dancing! What a cutie pie.
Roberta Anne

BECKY said...

Too cute!! Oh to be so joyful and carefree, huh??
Thanks for the grins!!

Cottage Rose said...

AWWWWW What a cute video. She is such a sweetie pie. i gave me such a smile..... :}


dana said...

Ohhhh, that did bring back some sweet memories of my own little babes (a long time ago!!) performing for me!! What fun! Dana

Ronda said...

Oh My Goodness.
That is precious!
Love & Prayers,