Thursday, June 25, 2009

My hubby was about to throw this out. What was he thinking? It really was my fault though. He found it in our church storage (with a lot of other stuff). He explained to me what it was over the phone and my reply was-- nope, don't want it. Then, the other day I drove over to the church to check on a UPS delivery and I saw this poor old bench sitting in the parking lot. I called him and asked if he would PLEASE bring it home so I could give it some love. My little Sweetie WANTED to work on it and I did the best 'Mommy thing' I could... I let him get to work. Sanding. Primering. Painting. Now the question is....where am I going to put it? Some thoughts-- Back porch under window. Front porch. At the foot of my King bed. Under front room window. A bench for our dinner table. Thinking, thinking, thinking.....


Heather said...

Good save!!! And what a good little refinisher you have!! It would have been a shame for that to go in the trash. I have been looking for something like that for in front of our living room window so I can plaster it with photo frames!!! Oh the possibilities are endless.

Let us know what you decide. Love the black.


Carla said...

You kiddo will always remember this project!! You ARE a good mommy:) (that bench looks great too:)

Tami said...

fantastic project for your son!
i vote in front of your bed.
oh i just realized- the cat you have in your header, we have on a shelf in our dd's room :)

Lori said...

Wow beautiful piece! I hope this finds you comfy! What wonderful family pictures you've posted! My favorites were the ice cream sundae ones. And the berry jammies, precious! Take care, Lori

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Your parking lot table turned out great! and so special too since your son painted it just for you. (what a sweetie). It really is a neat table with the top opening up, you can store pictures in there. I think it would nice under a window with lots of family pictures on it.
Take care and enjoy your day,