Friday, July 24, 2009

Mommy's (not so) best friend

...unless it's outside.
Our play-doh has been put away for months. Long months.
Trying to be a fun and creative Mommy everyday led me to taking down the Mommy's not so best friend-- You know what I'm talking about. Those little colorful pieces that get smeared into the floor that only you can clean up. Yes, that play-doh, that (ugly) fun activity that kids just love.
After getting the brilliant idea to bring the stuff outside on the picnic table my Twinkies played for almost 4 hours without fighting, yelling or having personal problems. They were truly mesmerized by the squeezable stuff. It was really great. When all was said and done and dinnertime rolled around, I took one look at the ground next to the table and got real happy that the mess was outside and not on my diningroom floor. Huh ha! One less mess to clean up for the day.


Kelly said...

Good idea! We have a love hate relationship with play-do...but being outside wouldn't be so bad!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I had a love hate relationship with Silly Putty! It kept getting slept with and into hair! YIKES!

Play Doh was a close second - until we started to make our own! Very nice texture and easy to clean up!

Marilyn said...

My kids never had a problem with Play-Doh but I can remember when I was in 1st grade someone bought me that little egg with Silly Putty in it. I thought it was the "catz pajamas" cause' I could put it on the sunday paper & presto Blondie was on my putty.
Well, one day I was playing on my parents bed & forgot about it, outside of the egg I might add, & by the time my mother found it it had melted all over her bedspread.
Yikes, I never saw it again nor ever received anymore. No doubt Mom put the word out to the relatives.. "No more Silly Putty for Marilyn. She can't be trusted".
LOL! (I bet Mom wasn't chuckling!!)

Jerelene said...

Play doh can be horrid on carpet..but it is a great outdoor activity! Looks like they were having lots of fun..
Hope you are feeling well and able to rest some...
Love, Jerelene

Lori said...

Squish,squish, thanks mom for the play-doh day! I confess, i still like the stuff, smell and all! Lori

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I agree with you on the Play-Doh. It is such a mess but the kids have such a great time with it!