Thursday, July 23, 2009

whole lotta cousins

(the baby is my brother's new little girl)

My little ones LOVE to play with their cousins.

My parents love having them all at their house.
And boy are there a lot of cousins.

11 from my side , 6 from my hubby's side.
Plus our 7.
And still counting.....


Anne F. said...

Sounds like when we would all get together at my mil's there would be 42 grandchildren and 50+ great grandchildren at the time. Now I foget how many and we will all be together on Saturday for a get together.

Have fun and enjoy.

Marilyn said...

Sounds like fun....
I came from a small & very disconnected family.
Have fun for me....

Kelly said...

I wonder if that's not the reason a few of us cousins are having a bucketload of kids. I REALLY enjoyed the company of my cousins growing up (esp at your hubby's house!), and consider them all more like siblings than cousins. I want to recreate that feel I had growing up with everyone around me. It was a wonderful feeling, and I miss those days with everybody :)