Thursday, July 30, 2009

A new little bit of fun

Birthday dinner or should I say, 'breakfast for dinner'.

More work for Daddy.

Birthday girl and her new present.

Can you see Ethan in the back baptizing the neighbor (really)?

The so-called (not really) twins.

Her brother's should be thanking her.
Without too many words can you figure out what Sophia received for her birthday financed with money from her grandparents? It looks like a giant jellyfish beached on our grass. I guess all the hours and money spent on swim lessons at the YMCA are paying off in a very big way! Even though the water temp is quite chilly, our four oldest are really enjoying it. We bought the circular 14ft in diameter by 42in deep model for only $91 on sale at Big Lots. The walls are high enough to keep the little guys out should they be able to evade (which is impossible) the hawk-like watchfulness of their mommy and daddy.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

The cupcakes all look like they are having a wonderful time. What a great birthday gift. I love their little faces. The baptizing is priceless. He will grow up to be a preacher and you can bring out this pic, of I knew him when. Just precious. Stop by and say hi. I love it when you do. Happy Birthday Sweetie. Country Hugs, Sherry

blushing rose said...

How adorable ... you can never be 'blessed' enough. Happy birthday for your darling one. TTFN~ Marydon

Marilyn said...

That is what Grandparents are for.... Blessing the little ones!!

Susan B said...

Looks like a very Happy Birthday to me!! know your little cupcakes will have many hours of fun in the pool!! Give that sweet girl a hug for me.

GapGirl said...

YAA!!! I bet your crew is having fun now!!! How nice. Glad you are all enjoying. I am so happy you bought the books. Let me know what you think of them. They are wonderful reads.. and re-reads and

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

What great fun!. We used to set up the tent in our back yard for our girls when they were young, they had a blast camping and still talk about it today.
Take care and enjoy your day,