Thursday, August 27, 2009

made to be me.

This year homeschooling is turning out pretty good. I feel really organized. My creative juices began percolating this summer and got me thinking about solutions for last year's problems.

Last week, my hubby hand-made wooden dividers for an old bookcase we had to separate each grade level's subjects, while I made miniature daily check-off lists for each day's agenda to keep me and each kiddo on track.

I even went to lots of stores to buy a desk caddy to beautify my work area.

Another idea which we realized we needed to incorporate was a weekly menu for all three meals a day. This has really been a huge help. It also helps that my husband and I planned it together--

I like to know what's going on. Was I always like this or has my husband rubbed off on me? Or are we both really alike in certain areas?

I'm not sure but, wow, it's great being a team. I guess if you think about it, we are running a team. He's the coach-- The encourager and guide. Me? The captain. Running the plays.

Life is good.

When I look inside myself, and reflect on my life, I believe that when God was knitting me together, He designed me specifically for these roles.
And I know that through His molding and shaping, He is even using my bad traits for the good of my family and His purpose. I count it all a blessing.

This week my goal: To work on being thankful. Through thankfulness comes joy.

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Maria said...

Way to go on being so organized! Looks awesome, and you're so right about the team thing:)

Marilyn said...

The Good Lord sure has put a lot on the shoulders of you both... apparently He thinks you can both handle it. To be chosen for this important roll is an honor.
Believe it or not, even though you both are so much younger than me I learn a lot of humility, patience & thankfulness from you both.
In my estimation you are both good people.....

blushing rose said...

I simply marvel at & of you. TTFN~Marydon

Jerelene said...

I loved this post a are a very sweet Momma & Wife..
I'm glad that your homeschooling is off to such a good start!
Hugs!! Jerelene

The Rose Room said...

you are incredible!!! Rachaelxo

Iphigenia said...

You have great courage and faith.

Inglesidemom said...

Hi! Please pop over to my blog and tell me where you purchased the incredibly handy looking divided bookcase. I am having some serious organizational envy.

Jen in Ohio