Thursday, October 15, 2009

another {fun} day in the little yellow schoolhouse

Photography class {maybe?}.
Now back to work!
It's {mostly} fun being their teacher.
All work and no play?


Mama M. said...

Oh my look much too young (and adorably put together) to be a mommy to 7!! Good for you!

Kelly said...

Michaela has the same exact shirt! hehehehe

momto9 said...

he looks a lot like you!

Inglesidemom said...

Thanks for the bookcase reply. Although, I admit, I was seriously hoping that Wal-mart carried it exactly as it was in your picture! I will start dropping hints to my darling....:;-)

Love your beautiful blog! As a pastor's daughter I give you kudos for teaching your littles as well as being a pastor's wife. Thank you for serving the Lord in this way. My mom is my hero and mentor to this day. I learned so much about a real, honest to goodness, walk with the Lord by watching my parent's example while serving in what is not always a glamorous or appreciated ministry.


Mindy said...

ok Just found you and LAA HAA VEE it.....
I am a homeschool mom and only wish I looked as calm as you during the day, Oy Vey