Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Tonight, the Pink Slipper family will be eating at:
a) Soup Plantation b) In-n-Out c)Panda Express d) Costco
This was the bonus question on a quiz my husband gave to his students.
Where do you think we ended up on this particular night-- since any of the above would be wildly successful with the kids. (they really like the hot dogs and churros at Costco)
But to answer another question you might be tempted to ask: Yes, we actually go to restaurants (even nice ones some times) with all 7 children.
Guess what?
We've never been thrown out of a restaurant due to ill-mannered children and we've never spoiled anyone's meal on account of screaming kids. In all honesty, the contrary is true-- our kids do 'having a large family' great justice. We've grown accustomed to the sour and worried looks people have a tendency to give us when we are seated next to them-- anywhere... in church, at a play or show, at the barbers, or on a plane... But typically their anxiety turns to pleasant surprise as they find that even the youngest of children in a large family can exercise self-control and proper etiquette in a public setting.
It really would not be exaggerating to say that we receive compliments on the behavior and attitudes of our children nearly every time we go out to eat. The key is to practice at HOME! Not to expect them to suddenly become etiquette conscious just because they're at a 'fancy' place.
Why am I sharing this with you and tooting my own horn? Because my children deserve to be edified and someday they may read this and realize that we did appreciate them and what they did. With all the struggles of having a large family, sometimes I just need to hear myself say that-- I am one proud Mommy. I am.


ishatrisha said...

so which restaurant were you at?

Krystal said...

I'm voting that it was Panda Express.

My mom and dad get compliments when they take my little siblings out, too! There are 7 of them 12 and under. However, when I take my 2 year old out, I can't get him to act like a human being. Instead he causes a scene and generally makes it an unpleasant experience in general. Any tips?

Jennifer Diane said...

As a server at a family restaurant.. let me say:THANK YOU! There are families that come in with several kids and they just let them run wild and half of their food ends up on the floor or in the chairs and they color all over the table and I have to spend 10 minutes getting it off.. all for (maybe) a 5 dollar tip.. Ugh, it is frustrating.. so thank you for teaching your kids to be respectful in public.. its appreciated!

Kelly said...

We get the same response from people when we go out as well. I think it's all a matter of training. Perhaps people don't see the need to train when there's only one or two children, yet, when you have a large group---it is not a luxury, it's mandatory for everyday life!

And then I get the comments about how our children are just easy-going. I must say, those feel like a slap in the face. Mainly because I HAVE spent many hours, prayers, and tears TRAINING these children to be respectful and behaved. They may be easy-going NOW, but that took WORK on this Mama's part.

It's my God-given job, and I don't shirk it! It's gives me great joy to see the children growing into socially respectful human beings :)

Joy said...

I love seeing big families in church and when we are out.
My dh is one of nine and I am one of 5 so we love to see other big families. We just have the two due to some medical problems I have.
Your kids look so cute.

Cottage Rose said...

So where did you eat???? I can't even begin to guess,, I don't guess well at all... Love they photos of your cute family,, they all look they are loving it... hey and you go right on and toot your own horn,,, have a good week.


Rachel and Family said...

Once, when I was out with my 4 kids, at the time, and our friend's with 5 kids, (9 kids between us at the time) a couple actually turned their chairs around and watched us all through our German Restaurant meal. We were quite the spectacle for sure... but all of our kids were very well behaved and the couple was smiling the whole time. I think it's great you take your kids out for meals. We do too and often receive compliments too, which I appreciate because then my kids know that their behavior matters to other too. GREAT post!! PS Where we get watched the MOST is at church, I bet you do too!

Holly K said...

What a wonderful example you have set for your kids and other families. I came from a large family (5 kids with a set of twins) and my parents were sticklers for manners, especially at mealtime. We couldn't afford to eat out very often (Christmas Eve at Sizzler steak house was the big treat) but when we did, we knew how to behave. Good for you! p.s. I found your blog through the BlogFrog network and wanted to say hello. So nice to discover your blog!

Holly (co-founder TheBlogFrog)

Amanda said...

AMEN!!! You are right!! What a powerful message for mommies!!