Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The boys had an accident. The story told to me went something like this:
Parker (our oldest, age 9) was minding his own business, standing at the Home school bookcase, when Ethan (his younger brother, age 6) walked by and decided he wanted to fight. Apparently, he slugged him in the stomach and ran towards the back door.
Then Parker, not willing to let it slide, went to punch him back, but Ethan, being the slippery character that he is, did his fast boxer move and ducked.

That's when Parker's fist went through the small window pane of the back door. They were supposed to be doing their school work. If that had been the case, both should've been sitting quietly at the table completing their assignments.

The best part of the story is that as time passes more details continue to be revealed... For example: Ethan hit Parker because he was mad that he had to start his schoolwork and needed to take his aggression out on someone. This sounded a little crazy-- a six year old experiencing work related rage until I found out that Parker was actually making fun of him, trying to irritate his little brother. And so on.

Basically, I am raising boys.

And until Daddy comes home to fix the hole in the window, a Barbie coloring book taped over the broken glass will have to be enough to keep the cold out.


GapGirl said...

OH MY (giggle giggle...) Im sorry to laugh but kids are so funny. I hope it fixes easily..

Marilyn said...

Oh..Oh... Wait till' Daddy gets home. I can see some saved allowances going out-the-window so to speak!!
Happy Holidays!

Rose said...

It sounds like another day in the life of boys. I hope, too, it's not too hard to fix. We have a broken window right now ourselves because the two year old (boy) threw a block across the room and took out the window.

Jessica said...

Gotta love boys!!!

Rachel and Family said...

ha!ha! What a great and humorous post. We have yet to encounter a broken window...

The Rose Room said...

boy children!!!! lol Rachaelxo