Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My three oldest, Parker, Ethan & Sophia, would ask me almost daily if the mailman had brought anything for them. Fortunately, they're not old enough to have bills with their names on them and most of the catalogs were my boring ones. Every so often, we would receive a cool Oriental Trading Company catalog and I would pass it on to the kids. Within minutes, they'd have their markers in hand and would be circling all the items for their wish-list. After days of being passed around and written all over, I would eventually throw it in the recycling basket.

Recently, my older ones {9, 6 & 5} sent letters out to their cousins seeking pen pals. If the mail was not coming they decided to solicit for some. We now have a continuous stream of 'military' communications with the older cousins-- secret codes and missions, troop movements and training exercises, and etc. Meanwhile the girls have corresponded with the typical
butterfly & princess drawings to their girly cousins.

Everyone takes their letters very seriously and are actually becoming more detailed with each successive batch. Lots of effort is now being put into words and pictures. If I thought they were anxious for the mail to arrive before, then you should see them now! Parker, Ethan & Sophia wait even more eagerly for the potential surprises the daily mail might bring.


Marilyn said...

Hopefull they will keep this up through the years & it will teach them how to compose a letter not some messages while using a cell phone.
I used to have penpals when I was a child & I still have one now. A wonderful lady who lives in Cleveland who I have written to for 30+ years. When I think of all the "life" we have shared it is amazing!!
Merry Christmas!

Mama said...

How sweet. I had a pen pal from China when I was growing up. IN 3rd grade our teacher had arranged us Pen Pals. The school received them and then would translate them. Super fun. I still remember them. I actually have a pen pal of sorts till this day as adult. I love handwritten letters. With all the techno and fast paced we can very easily forget the greatness of handwritten letter. I have a friend from the south we write and send cards every month together. We purposely don't call, email, comment on blogs or FB just to keep the greatness of letter writing.

Kim said...

What a great idea! Not only is receiving mail so much fun, but it's going to draw them so much closer to extended family! How fun!

The Rose Room said...

wonderful idea and how exciting for them getting 'real' mail!!! Nice old fashioned good traditions with value:) Rachaelxo

Amanda said...

I love it... I can SOOOO see my kids getting into 'penpalling' as well!!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

It's wonderful and sweet and very good that they are communicating with their cousins..but wouldn't it be cheaper to let them email each other ...and scan their artwork and email that ?

Just curious.