Wednesday, December 23, 2009

december 2009

Sometimes I just want to take a snapshot of our kids minds-- so that I can look back and see what they were thinking, what was in their hearts at that particular time in their lives...
So, just indulge me a little as I keep track of some of the seemingly insignificant things which turn out to be the most important in the long-run of life.

Parker likes to play army, devour books in large chunks, conduct science experiments, study American history, write pen pal letters, consume 3 or 4 hamburgers in one sitting, make tents, forts, clubhouses or any other kid-related structure, swing from ropes and work on his break dance moves.

Ethan likes to build and collect legos, play army with his brother, drink gallons of milk, get his schoolwork done as fast as possible, help cook breakfast, design intricate clubhouse blueprints, learn the ways of a Jedi, work on his break dance moves and write letters.

Sophia likes to be involved in anything her brothers are doing, loves to eat pasta, play with her stuffed animals, make pretend just about anything with Charlie as her sidekick, be a princess, wear bracelets and necklaces, and draw and color endlessly.

Charlie likes to be a ten foot tall hero, take extremely long, hypersleep naps, dress like a cowboy everyday, yell all the time and laugh really loud, color with great intensity, learn the culinary arts, believe he is the unknown child from the 'Incredible' family, have his night-night in order to go to bed, and take a really long time to eat.

Pearl likes to help ALL the time, be the mommy, have her sippy cup, dote on her baby brother, get tickled to no end, eat tons of fruits, play with her dolls and stuffed animals, take big naps, accessorize with purses and jewelry, tell everyone her name is 'Sugar' and keep up with the big kids.

Lincoln likes to cuddle, have the attention of his brother, Parker, never be parted with his night-night, chew up his food sufficiently, then spit it into his bib, let loose with bloodcurdling screams for no apparent reason, play with stuffed animals, take extreme risks by climbing just about anything, put anything in his mouth when his binky is not available and make shooting noises with toys that may look like a gun.

Ruby likes to be with Mommy, sleep next to Mommy, be held and cuddled by Mommy, be held by her siblings, smile much of the time, go for rides and be kissed on her cheeks.

And they all LOVE Jesus.

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Jerelene said...

I loved this...all of it!! The pictures are adorable, and I loved hearing about what the kids like to do and their sweet personalities..You are so blessed!!
Love, Jerelene